Renewing Vows and milestone anniversaries celebration ceremonies are a beautiful opportunity to honor a couple's relationship and the commitment love and acceptance it takes to grow and stay together. You may also want to refresh your marriage with new vows, or have a ceremony to heal from struggles in your relationship.  Whatever the reason, Ingrid will co-create a meaningful unique ceremony from the HEART that will honour your wishes. 
The event may be intimate with just the two of you or as large as you want with hundreds of people attending. You can have it anywhere - from a beach, backyard to a large hall. It can be formal or informal or  even themed.


The first thing Ingrid will do is meet to discuss lots of wonderful ideas for your ceremony and for her to get to know you both.  Do not worry, she has her ways to get to the heart of who you are quickly! You will have assistance via email and phone.  You will have final editing so there will be no surprises on the day of your ceremony. Ingrid highly suggest a rehearsal to put your mind at ease and to go over all the final details if it is a large ceremony. After the ceremony, she will give you a keepsake of your ceremony.  Her goal is to have you enjoy your ceremony from start to finish and remember it forever as one of the most beautiful days of your lives.