End of Life Ceremonies are diverse in our modern day.  Funerals, Memorial services, and Celebration of Life ceremonies can be held in a variety of places such as, funeral homes, a private home, a hotel, a public meeting space, a mountaintop, a beach, or a park. Ceremonies may be religious or nonreligious, spiritual or nondenominational. They can have elements of a traditional service, including music, flowers, prayers, readings, eulogies, and sermons or they can have unique elements such as bands playing favourite songs, dancing, barbeques, story sharing, memorabilia, photo boards, slide shows, releasing balloons or doves. The list is endless.  As a professional Celebrant it is Ingrid's job to co-create a meaningful ceremony from the HEART that is unique and truly reflects the essence of your loved one.
IN ALL CEREMONIES YOU HAVE A THE FINAL SAY ON THE FINAL DRAFT OF THE CEREMONY.  She listens TO YOU and she works with you and your funeral director so that your ceremony is done just right.
Below is a description of different types of End of Life Ceremonies.
The HEART of a Celebration Of Life Ceremony is that the ceremony is a true reflection of the essence of your loved one. Ingrid will co-create a ceremony with you that is unique, meaningful and memorable and that honours your loved one's beliefs and values AND yours as well. At a time when you are grieving, you will have peace of mind that the ceremony is taken care of by a professional who is trained in ceremony.  Large or small, each ceremony is the TRUE story of your loved one that honours their passions, their gifts, their quirky habits, their struggles, their hopes and dreams, and their legacy. The Celebration of Life can take place anytime, days, months or years after your loved one has died. The body or cremated remains may be present or not.
Typically a Memorial Ceremony is held at a scheduled time that is convenient for loved ones to attend. Usually there is no body or cremated remains present at the ceremony.  A memorial can be held anywhere, from a park to a funeral home chapel. It can be a small private event or large and public. 
A Memorial may be a Dedication Ceremony with a plaque, park bench or a tree planting. 
Some memorials for individuals include a Candlelight Memorial held at sunset.
A Candlelight Vigil also held at sunset is typically held either to protest the suffering of some marginalized group of people, or in memory of lives lost to some disease, disaster, massacre or other tragedy.
A memorial can focus on healing or remembering or honouring or all three. It can have spiritual elements such as prayers, spiritual readings, mention of everlasting life or it may not have any spiritual elements at all.  Ingrid honours the beliefs and values of the deceased and the loved ones who are left grieving.  As a Celebrant, she works with you or your group or family to co-create a memorial service that is from the HEART and one that is unique and memorable.
Funerals are held typically within days of a death and the body or cremated remains of your loved one are present. Today there are so many options as to the type of funeral you can choose: religious or non-religious; in a place of worship; funeral home; arena, or even a Home funeral. For more information of Home Funerals go to www.cindea.ca/
Burials may or may not take place right after the funeral.  As with all ceremonies designed by Ingrid, the funeral will be designed with HEART.  It will be unique, meaningful and reflective of the person who has passed on.  She will work with you and create a service that helps you and your loved ones to mourn, remember and to begin your journey of healing. 
The final disposition is the time for your final good-bye.  Options abound for final disposition and a final resting place for your loved one. The ceremony may take place at a cemetery, or you may wish to scatter ashes or you may choose a green burial on private land.  As a Celebrant,  Ingrid will honour whatever choice you make and together you can create a beautiful genuine ceremony.
A Green burial is an environmental alternative to a standard burial, intended to minimize the environmental impacts of death and conserve natural resources. In a green burial an unembalmed body decomposes naturally in the earth, and a biodegradable green casket or cloth body shroud takes the place of a traditional coffin. Green burials can take place in traditional cemeteries, specially designated green cemeteries, or even on private land.  Please check in your province what your laws are.
Make a ceremony of it. Choose a place where you can have your ceremony that is meaningful. You may want to scatter the ashes at a favourite place, at a green cemetery, with a tree planting, or on the water.  Wherever and whenever, be it days, months or years after death has occurred, a final farewell ceremony honours your loved one and helps you in the process of healing.
Many people now choose to pre-plan their funerals, but they do not think to provide input into their final ceremony.​  In times of terminal illness or assisted death, or even just preplanning because you want to have input into your end of life ceremony, pre-designing your ceremony is becoming more and more common.  As a celebrant, Ingrid is trained to work with you as you co-create your ceremony to reflect your personal wishes and highlight those aspects of your life that have been important to you and that you want to share.  You may select specific readings, music or rituals. You can contribute to your eulogy and provide a personal good-bye within the ceremony. You can even write your own obituary.  YOU review and YOU have final approval.  Your predesigned ceremony is then provided to whomever you entrust your plans. It is a beautiful final gift to your loved ones.

As Certified Funeral Celebrant, Ingrid will work closely with you and your family and your funeral director.