Divorce and Separation happen. It is a fact of life.  While it is easy to get married, ending a relationship is a difficult transition and can take a long time.  A Divorce Ceremony or Separation Ceremony with HEART recognizes the end of a relationship, by validating the past and honouring the future.  It can be done for one person or the couple, it can involve children or not.

If there are children involved, a ceremony provides an opportunity for a couple to acknowledge to each other and to their children that they are still committed to parenting. 

As a Celebrant, Ingrid understands the therapeutic nature of a ceremony and how it can begin the healing process. A Divorce ceremony is actually a Rite of Passage where you transition into a single person status.  It can be a very powerful and memorable ceremony when done with HEART.   She will co-design a ceremony with you that include acknowledgment of the past and taking ownership, declaring your independence and making promises to yourself and children.  For some people it may be their wish to reclaim their name.  Whatever the circumstance, Ingrid will work with you to create a unique ceremony that is meaningful and healing and transformational.



Amazing! My divorce ceremony on the beach was so personal.  You totally got me and what I have been through and where I want to go. I hung on every word you said.  I will listen and read over my cereomy over and over.  I loved the symbols of the tree stunp that we threw into the ocean, the vizualiazation, and the rocks of foregiveness. Even the way you researched the meaning of my ring, I will never look at my ring the same without seeing all the symbols within it.  Every word and action had so much meaning.  It was so healing and I will forever be greatful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart,  Paula, Prince Edward Island.