The birth of a child, or the entry of any child through adoption or blended family is a wondrous and joyous event. It is a wonderful time for nurturing love and togetherness for a family as you

Officially welcome your precious little one into your family and into the wider community of family and friends.  It is a fulfilling and meaningful experience. You may choose to have a godparent/mentor/guardian appointed for the child or not.  Your ceremony can be spiritual or non spiritual.  Ingrid has lots of ideas to add to your ideas and together you will co-design a beautiful and meaningful ceremony with HEART.  She will give you a keepsake for you and your child to look back upon in future years.  It is a beautiful gift of love that will be treasured forever.


Of all the ceremonies Ingrid does, she believes a ceremony for welcoming an adopted child is a must.  It is not only about welcoming, it is about accepting, love and commitment.  This type of ceremony is a Rite of Passage and an important one.  It is an opportunity to bring together all the important people in your life to celebrate and introduce your new addition to your family.  Because each adoption is unique,  creating a ceremony that reflects the essence of your adopted child, your unique family make-up, your values, beliefs and hopes and dreams is a powerful Rite of Passage.

Ingrid will create a keepsake for your child that they will treasure for their whole life.  As the child grows up, they can see the love and care and committment that was present at the time of their adoption.  This in itself can be very healing on their life's journey.