Are you looking to have a Celebration or Ceremony that is UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL & MEANINGFUL?

If you are looking for a unique, meaningful, unforgettable celebration or ceremony you are at the right place! Ingrid Tourigny, Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, believes it is important to have celebrations and ceremonies that mark and acknowledge milestone events and changes in our lives because they transform us, they heal us, and they add joy to our lives!


In our modern world we are often not marking events and changes such as births, adoptions, deaths, graduations, milestone anniversaries, retirements, weddings, grand openings, dedications, and yes even separation and divorce. But we need to!


Rights of passage such as weddings, funerals, birth and divorce are transformational events in our lives and in times past were events that the church or cultural communities used to be in charge of performing in our small communities.  Times have changed!  Unfortunately what has replaced these ceremonies are "cookie cutter", or "template" ceremonies or celebrations that have little to no meaning to the people inlvolved.  This often times leave a bitter feeling in people's hearts and as a consequence people have stopped having celebrations and ceremonies all together! 


To have a professional memorable unique ceremony or celebration that is truly personal makes quite a difference to the experience.


My ceremony was so personal.  You totally got me and what I have been through and where I want to go. I hung on every word you said.  Every word and action had so much meaning.  It was so healing and I will forever be grateful.  Paula

Ingrid is a professional officiant who, first and foremost, will listen to you and work closely with you to co-create your unique, meaningful ceremony no matter what the occasion: End of Life Celebrations; Weddings; Renewals of Vows; Baby Blessings and Naming; Adoptions; Pet Funerals; Dedications; Vigils; Grand Openings; Retirements, Separations and Divorces. She is trained in the art of ceremony and abides by a non-discriminiation code of ethics that she takes very seriously.

Ingrid has worked with people living in chronic pain for over 22 years as a counsellor, acupuncturist, and shiatsu therapist. She has earned the titles of BA(hon), MA, DAc.  If you want a caring professional who gets who you are right off the start, then look no further.

Call her now to discuss your ideas, your issues, and your plans. 

306-216-7141 - The Celebrant with Heart

Ingrid Tourigny, certified Life Cycle Celebrant, creates and performs unique, meaningful ceremonies for any & all life changes - from birth to death, union & separation.

She lives in

Katepwa Beach and proudly serves the Qu'Appelle Valley.